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Goal setting

Goal setting is the single key to efficiency and long-lasting motivation.

With Papirus, create SMART Goals that are aligned with company priorities, and never loose track of what you and your team are in terms of development.

In-role experiences

Papirus relies on the 70:20:10 learning and development model. We consider that 70% of all learning and development comes from in-role experiences.

It’s all about organising and following-up on those experiences thanks to a dedicated tool.


Most of what you learn comes from explaining and discussing experiences with your leaders or mentor.

Papirus lets you create and share experiences that can be linked to any of the SMART Goals that were discussed with your manager.

HR People

Ensuring a consistent employee experience across the organisation is essential, not only because this is what people expect today but also because it’s the most sensible thing to do from a business perspective.

With Papirus HR dashboard, you can now access development indicators that help you get involved where it really matters: find out which managers are positively impacting their teams and which need support.

Business Owners

The ability to pause, reflect and adjust is one of the key differentiating factors of success for business owners and their teams.

With Papirus, we provide you and your entire organisation with the right tool to bring competencies development to the next level. With just a few clicks, your talents are able to:


  • Create SMART goals
  • Reflect on meaningful takeaways from in-role experiences
  • Offer specific and actionable feedbacks
  • Access transparent and unbiased performance rating.


Offer the best to your people now. Go for Papirus.


Papirus has been designed with this goal in mind: Providing managers with a simple and curated tool to help them invest their time and energy in the development of their teams more efficiently.

Papirus will help you stay on top of the developmental conversations with the talents you manage, share specific feedbacks, ensure transparency and fairness with clear performance ratings. Follow-up on your talent management activities through dedicated dashboards and relevant KPIs.


Papirus gives you the tools to keep track of and regain control of your own development. Because we all want more from our jobs. But if we do not make our own development a priority, how can we expect others to do so?

At Papirus, we believe that the focus on human development starts with you! And for this, we have designed a simple, curated solution that has everything you need built-in. Using our guides that are based on proven-methods, you can create your own developmental goals, offer feedbacks to your peers or share meaningful experiences with your manager. Of course, you can also keep some thoughts just for yourself and come back to it later on. Finally, your dashboard let’s you see your performance rating at all time. No more surprise, full transparency mode activated. And more is coming!

Achieve personal growth at work with Papirus

Today, people are looking for more at work. More fulfilment, more human connections, and more opportunities for learning and development.

Reality is that talents and managers, more often than not, lack the proper tool to focus efficiently on . Papirus is the tool we imagined to allow companies to bring talent management to the next level.

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