Papirus offers a selection of features that will help you focus on growth at work, whether you are a business owner, a HR, a manager or a talent. We’ve built the tool we wish we could have used ourselves. Here is a quick overview

Goal setting

Development starts with goal setting.

With Papirus, talents can create and share goals using the SMART method. Once a goal is active, talents can update their progress, allowing managers to stay on top of what their team is working on, at any time.


We live in an age of instantaneity and hyper-connectivity, which makes it easy to fall into the trap of being dragged from one task to the next. When time comes for our annual review, we all of a sudden realise that 12 months flew by, without really remembering what happened.

Now, imagine how much of a difference taking 15 minutes a week to write down and share a snapshot of one or several in-role experiences inside Papirus could have.


Fair and unbiased performance rating is one of the pillars of trustworthy workplaces.

By having an overview on their average rating throughout the year, talents now have an incentive to actively handle their own development by setting up goals and going through in-role experiences, in order to meet or exceed expectations.

Development sentiment

Talents can share anonymously their development sentiment by using Papirus custom-made survey.

With Papirus, Managers and HR have access to detailed reports on development sentiment that help them take the best people decisions. Who better than your people to tell you how development is being handle in the organisation?