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Change in the workplace is coming

There is a clear disconnect between people’s expectations for their jobs and reality. Surveys all point in the same direction: a growing proportion of workers perceive their jobs as boring, meaningless, and not offering them a working environment where they can be 100% themselves. That’s a dim reality considering the fact that we spend a lifetime at work. Sadly enough, the most common reasons that lead people to go as far as quitting their jobs are all related to growth at work (or rather, the lack of it).

And yet, today 80% of companies consider that focusing on the growth of their talents is a strategic decision to stay competitive. So what’s blocking then? It sounds almost too simple, but the main reasons according to studies are understaffed HR teams, insufficient budget and the lack of dedicated tools. With Papirus we are addressing those three issues at once. We created a tool that is affordable and primarily used by the talents and their managers first, not the HR team.

Our belief at Papirus is that the minds are ready now to ignite the fire of change for more growth at work! For most organisations and talents, it’s all about taking that first step.

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Growth at work starts with a supportive working environment.

Growth at work starts with a supportive working environment. One that encourages a growth mindset, with open and honest communication as well as a thriving feedback culture. One where each person’s potentials and skills are identified, acknowledged and given enough freedom to be developed. One where everyone in the organisation has access to relevant tools, tools that actually bring value to their users instead of being administrative and process-oriented hassles.

If organisations play the role of the canva, it is then on individuals, on the the talents, to hold the brush. And it is the compounded effect of those individual choices to be in charge of their own development that will allow for the emergence of an unstoppable change in the workplace.

To you the talents, we say this: Be those actors of change. Be the master of your own development and contribute to spread the #growthatwork movement. Because you deserve it. Because you can have that impact. Tomorrow starts right now.

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