Our Team


Loïc is the CEO of Papirus. To him, personal development is about constantly learning new skills, and that’s what he has been doing for more than a decade.

A former member of the French team of Judo, he started his career as a project manager in the aerospace industry in Canada and the U.S. After returning to his home country of France, he worked in change management consulting for the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission).

Loïc then went on and completely pivoted his career by joining Apple, where he spent 7 years leading retail teams in France and Switzerland. He is the founder and host of Les Frappé.e.s, a podcast on resilience, determination, and self-improvement.


Stéphane is the CTO of Papirus. An expert at designing and monitoring OKR, he takes his own development seriously and is always ready to share some good reads on the topic.

A former goalkeeper, Stéphane is now developing his skills in archery, a decision influenced by the time he spent living in Japan.

Throughout his career, his focus has been on developing his technical skills, first as a consultant, then as a freelancer, and finally as the tech lead of a foodtech startup in France. He now lives in Paris, where he is learning mina (ndi !) and making exceptional ramen bowls.

Our Values

Papirus is more than a business for us. It is first and foremost a fantastic human adventure!

One would agree that behind all great adventures there are great teams. Our goal for Papirus  is to attract the best talents, whether they have what it takes to become the superstars of the future, or they already have acquired strong expertise in their field. That mix of potential between potential and experience is essential in our eyes. To us, diversity in all its forms is a necessity.

We don’t really believe in long list of company values. Instead, we believe acts tell more about true motivations. At Papirus, we give our best every single day to create a product that will make a difference for our customers, while co-constructing the company that we always dreamed of.

Sounds like an exciting adventure to you? We are always on the lookout for people to join us and help us change the workplace. Let’s get in touch!